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Global qT Group currently has 1 company with many offices in Vietnam, 2 companies in Canada and 1 company in the US. The main activities of the group are artificial intelligence and financial investment - applied in many fields, especially hotel management and finance over the past three years. Currently, the group is in the process of preparing to open more companies in North America because the laws are different in each state, especially the interests of corporate investment. Our group is also expanding and establishing companies in many regions of the world: Northern Europe, Japan, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and Singapore. Each QT-group company outside of Vietnam is raising capital in their region and outsourcing on qT-Vietnam to develop and refine its core products to suit each region. Over the past three years, companies in Canada have done the same. TempoNote - one of our products - is now joining to support the world in its efforts to make productivity great even during the time of Corona Covid-19 virus.
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  • Số nhân viên 999
  • Người liên hệ Pug Nguyen
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