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Công ty TNHH Trương Hoàng Trần Nguyễn 44 Lượt xem

Công ty TNHH Trương Hoàng Trần Nguyễn

44 Lượt xem
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Falling in love with fine cuisine set us on a fierce passion of opening a beautiful restaurant where you can find small-but-invaluable happiness in your life. T.U.N.G dining is the missing piece of our life we would have long been seeking for. Nestled in the heart area of Hanoi, few steps away from St. Joseph’s Cathedral and Hoan Kiem lake, T.U.N.G dining brings a new breeze to food & beverage scene in the capital city of Vietnam.

T.U.N.G dining breaks through all the limits and barriers of traditional fine dining with the most welcoming and warm-hearted, friendly experience. The 4 letter name stands for Twisted, Unique, Natural, Gastronomique, represents our philosophy, unparalleled experience inspired by fresh local ingredients.

Not another ordinary restaurant, we want to be a platform where the artisans’ works, from fermented juices, specially crafted beers to organic edible herbs, can be well presented under the spotlights.

T.U.N.G is pictured as a small and cozy restaurant, focus on a complex culinary experience featuring excellent flavours. T.U.NG’s cuisine highlights on preserving the authentic flavour and healthiness of the produce. At T.U.N.G, we strive to avoid cooking with fat and cream, use vegetables and healthy cooking techniques, keep the original flavours of the produce.

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  • Số nhân viên 25
  • Người liên hệ Ns. Ngân
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Tầng 9, Tòa Nhà Vietcomreal,
68 Nguyễn Huệ, P.Bến Nghé, Quận 1, Tp.HCM.
Tel. 028 22467086 / 028 22194047
Hỗ trợ hotline (24x7): 0907-000-277

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